Friday, October 31, 2008

Food: Nasi Ayam Chee Meng

It was a toss up between Yong Tau Foo or Nasi Ayam. Apparently Nasi Ayam Chee Meng in Desa Pandan had been closed down for a while. But now they've reopened and the restaurant is on our way back to our homes.

So we decided to give it a go. I'd been to the branch in Bukit Bintang and my colleague's been to the one in Damansara.

Nasi Ayam Drumstick

Kerabu Mangga

Sotong Goreng Berempah

Zafirah Najmi

I was jonesing for steamed chicken but they ran out. :(
Had to settle for the roasted...

Anybody know what this is? It's not sold anywhere in KL, as far I've checked... have to buy it online or get someone from another country to buy it for me... Wish List Item #1....

Have a good weekend guys! Oh, before that, here are the entertainment news for the week:

Food: Soto

My colleague's husband asked if I could go bowling with them. He wanted to practice because he got a tourney coming up. I am always up for bowling...

But the bowling won't start until 10-ish, so me and the colleague had time to kill. We decided to go to eat Soto or as they call it, 'The Best Soto in Town'. The restaurant is off of MRR2, opposite of Tesco Ampang...

We were joined by another colleague for dinner. Hmm, the original foodies are re-united, for one night only... (so Mamma Mia!...)

Mihun Soto with Begedil

All of us ordered the soto but one girl ordered Nasi Impit while the rest of us ordered Mihun.

I been there once before. One serving is not enough, even though the portion is quite big. I don't know why I don't wanna order another plate... instead I ordered satay. Yes, been jonesing for satay but haven't had the chance to go to Miami AKA Restoran Mulia yet...

Pretty good but Miami's kick ass!

Original foodies: Husna Afifi and Zafirah Najmi

Venue: For some reason, the name of the place escapes me... Off of MRR2, Opposite Tesco Ampang
Cost: Free (thanks to Husna)
Foodie: Husna Afifi, Zafirah Najmi

Tiba-tiba enterprame... Ampang Yong Tau Foo, near Ampang Point, opposite Ampang Putri Hospital... delicious.... :)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Food: Wong Solo

Last Saturday, we went for grocery shopping, then headed to Ampang for dinner. Indonesian restaurant called Wong Solo. It was not the first time we all went there.

I ordered the Empel Sapi plus the Ayam Penyet Set. They're both equally good so I ordered both. Then I ordered the Teh O Ais and Es Buah. It's like a mixed fruit cocktail. Oh, and we ordered a vege dish to share... the Spicy Brinjals... and the set actually comes with white rice, a bit of the brinjal, tauhu goreng, tempe goreng, some ulams and two kinds of sambals...

It was the first time I actually went into one of those sit-down booths, rather than eating at the table. Felt like home...

Ice Lime Tea and Es Buah (es means ice)
The view from our booth...

Tempe and Tauhu Goreng

Empel Sapi Set

Spicy Eggplant Dish

Ayam Penyek Set (Chicken)

The empel sapi dish (Beef)

Venue: Wong Solo, Ampang
Cost: Free (courtesy of Teddy)
Foodie: Panzer, Teddy, Iskandar


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Food: Vivo

Last Friday, I went to Bukit Bintang straight after work because there was a call for bowling. A lot of my friends were heading for Penang for the three-day weekend so they won't be around for Saturday Night Bowling.

There was a new restaurant at Times Square and I was eager to try it out.

You know me... I like Americans, I mean American food. Am such a sucker for American food. Sigh...

The menu looked vibrant and fun

The food looked good

But sometimes what looks good on a menu won't look good IRL...

I did not really know what to order... I was hungry and would need my energies for the bowling game ahead so I decided to order the usual suspects at which I would base my judgments on. Not that I really judge though.

(counter clockwise) Golden Chicken Wings, Calamari & Onion Rings and Beef Lasagna

Mineral Water and a healthy concoction of Strawberry and Lime or was it banana....

I love chicken wings and calamari so I wanted to see if Vivo's would stand the ultimate test... Even though the chicken wings are not exactly as pictured, I loved em. Delish indeed. The lasagna and the calamari was just okay, but the onion rings was not that good.

I was joined by two others. The first friend did not order anything, claiming he's had dinner. I let him sample some of my food and he ended up eating half of everything. Hmmm, had dinner or financially unequipped, we'll never know...

Venue: Vivo, Berjaya Times Square
Cost: RM50
Foodie: Jehan, Panzer

Food: Carl's Jr

Went out for a quick getaway today. One lady colleague wanted to go eat somewhere fancy. It was a toss up between Chili's, Roadhouse Grill and Tony Roma's.

Lunch hour also meant lotsa traffic. Roadhouse Grill, being in Jalan Ampang and all, was not an obvious choice. That left us with KLCC and Pavilion. Somehow Pavilion won out.

When we were on route to Tony Roma's, she changed her mind again. Suddenly she craved for burgers. So we made a detour to the right to...

We passed by Speedy Videos and that reminded me of something I was in desperate need of...

Dunno whether she's camera-shy or was paid to promote Carl's Jr...

Had the bacon swiss chicken and upgraded the fries to the Chilli Cheese Fries

Afterwards, we stopped by Speedy Videos, with one thing in mind. Unfortunately (or was it fortunately) I was distracted by a DVD in the display up front.

Ben 10, Seasons 1 & 2

I've been looking for these for quite some time... um, for my nephew. He loves watching this. Ehehehhehe... I snatched up both seasons and proceeded to scour for the one I wanted... Can't wait to go home and pop this in the DVD player... for my nephew... :P

Finally I found it! I watched it a couple of nights ago and fell in love with the movie and songs. Am listening to the album now as I type. The CD disappeared though. Lucky I managed to rip em into MP3s and have uploaded em into Elsa and Sammy. It's now spinning in my colleague's PC.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Review: Chili's

My colleagues and I sometimes go on culinary adventures around KL. We'd go to one of the malls nearby on Fridays and go seek food. We went to Chili's a number of times and now we're just trying different meals.

Although my colleague prefers to try the variety of drinks they serve. :P

Last Friday, he called the office and said that he wanted Chili's. I wanted Subway, but I can never pass up Chili's. I'd love Chili's during my student days and I still do.

He'd ordered starters already. The buffalo wings.
We're famished so I only got to take pictures at the very end...
This was my starter. Broccoli Cheese Soup.
I wanted to eat a sandwich but thought I might still be hungry so...

Here it is. The Chili's Cheese Steak. HUGE.

My colleague ordered the fajita with meat and chicken.
The sour cream and guacamole looks tempting.

I found myself full and not able to eat anymore, even though the sandwich was only half eaten. The campurisation of the chicken wings, the broc cheese, the fries and the beef sandwich proved my undoing. Sigh. Ordinarily I'd have ordered the Molten Chocolate Cake but I was too full...

Venue: Chili's KLCC
Cost: RM120
Foodie: Colleague

In any event, here are some entertainment news that caught my attention over the past week:

Boss' Open House

I told you guys about my thumb drive fiasco right? All of a sudden, I found some pictures that I had taken but kept somewhere else. Check out Max Payne's review coz I posted a couple of newly found pix there too.

These are taken at my boss' open house. Unfortunately, only these are available... the photos I took of the food and of the glorious cakes (boss' wife is a businesswoman/baker) are unfortunately forever gone...

That's me in the checkered shirt, with my colleagues, Irma Mashadi and Rahayu Nordin

Me and Zafirah Najmi

(l-r) Irma Mashadi, Ayu Roslan, Zafirah Najmi, Asyraf Nasir and Enn Baleana

Friday, October 24, 2008


Every few month, Sushi King holds a promotion for its members... RM2 per plate of sushi. Methinks it's about two, maybe three times per year.

The first one was held in April and the more recent one was held a couple of weeks ago.

Apparently, I am the only one amongst my group of friends who have the membership so I wound up having sushi three days in a row. It gets better. On Monday, I had sushi for lunch with two colleagues, then take four more colleagues for dinner. Tuesday, two friends (but one friend came so late that he missed out) for dinner and on Wednesday, 5 friends for dinner.

Yup, sushi overload.

The trick to this is to find a Sushi King that is quite obscure and in an area with the least Chinese concentration. Unfortunately, there is none.

KLCC was crowded. During lunch, we waited for 5 minutes in line. Dinner was one hour in queue. Lucky we were all sushi lovers. We got lucky for the lunch period, we got a booth next to the kaiten belt. For dinner we had to go to the belt from our booth in a desperate bid to get the expensive sushi.

Ampang Point was also crowded. We waited for a good half an hour before we got in. Unfortunately, that one friend was late (and he completely forgot the sushi date) so he did not get to dine with us.

Sooka Sentral was better. I arrived at 7pm and there was just a few people inside and they let me go in first without my party. Unfortunately Sooka did not offer much in terms of expensive sushi... Ampang Point has the better variety.

Anyways, I took pictures with my trusted Elsa but Lady Luck was not shining on us this week. My pendrive got infected by something and had his entire content wiped clean. Son of a.... sigh...

I'd gone and uploaded everything from Elsa to the pendrive and waiting for the moment when I am absolutely free to do a photo essay. Sigh... not only were the pictures lost, I lost videos (hehehe), MP3s, documents and my writings... I wanna cry...

In any event, the sushi thing was nice. RM2 per plate can be considered cheap especially if the normal price would be RM4 or RM5 or RM6. Looking forward to next year's...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Food: Izzi Pizza

Two Fridays ago, I went to Bukit Bintang to take care of some biznez at HSBC... originally, I was supposed to go to Pavilion and eat there... plus colleagues asked me to buy J-Co's for them...
Unfortunately, the transaction went a little too long. I had no choice but to grab a quick bite and then go back to the office. Fortunately for me, Izzi Pizza was just across the street.
Ordinarily, Izzi doesn't disappoint. However, this time it was a bit disappointing, and I was in a rush to do anything about it...
Calamari. Favorite. Nice.
Chicken Wings. Another favorite. This is the original style.

This is BBQ Chicken Wings. I ordered the BBQ Chicken Salad. Hmmm.

Like I said, I was in a rush, so I just consumed the calamari and both plates of chicken wings. By the end of the meal, I found something quite appaling.

The thing on the right hand side...
It's the little bone from the wing, complete with fried chicken feathers!

Like I said, I was in a rush... and normally, Izzi's food and service is really good... so I'm letting this one slide...

Venue: Izzi Pizza, Bukit Bintang
Cost: RM30 (30% discount)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Saturday Outing

Last Saturday, I had a craving for ikan bakar at Jalan Bellamy. Run the plan by Panzer and he did not mind. So we headed there, salivating over the thought of having grilled seafood. Unfortunately for us, that stall was closed. Maybe they closed shop on Saturday.

So Panzer decided to go to Tupai-Tupai. It's been a while since I was there. Three years I think. Panzer mentioned they do the goreng stuff at night but when we get there, Tupai-Tupai now offers Steamboat Buffet. After deliberating over the menu, we decided to go for the Steamboat.

Three options and we could choose two soups. Coconut-Based Soup and Tomyam Soup.

The buffet line

The three base food: Fried Mihun, Fried Udon and Fried Rice

The steamboat pot at the table. The steamboat stuff was plenty and varied in selection.

The best thing in the bunch: Stuffed Shitake Mushroom

The best thing in the bunch: Salmon

The veggies surrounding the seafood

Panzer putting the stuff into the steamboat contraption

Waiting for the food to cook
The end result: Cooked Food

Would you believe the red sauce is just Chicken Rice sauce?
Quail Eggs: Do not eat immediately after taken out of the boiling soup. Will explode in mouth.

Eating time. The brown sauce tastes funny...
Panzer and his love for shellfish...
Luckily, this place offers Ice Cream, unlike Terminal Seafood

This was a pleasant surprise. We did not anticipate the food to be that good. The soups were kick-ass! Some of the steamboat stuff were not available at other steamboats I've been to so I was quite satisfied.

Venue: Tupai-Tupai, Jalan Bukit Petaling
Cost: RM28++ per person
Foodie: Panzer

After the delicious dinner, we headed to Times Square for our rendeszous with the rest of the gang for bowling. Since we were slightly early, we decided to stop by the arcades at Level Six and play some video games.
Panzer is extremely good. Keeps kicking my ass at Marvel Vs Capcom. I lost at least RM6, until I finally get it thru my head that I can't beat him so I moved on to play Tekken 5.

Panzer's winnings

At 11, we reconvened at the bowling alley on the 5th floor and played 3 games. I don't know why I bother to play with him since he's so good at everything. He won the first game and the last game, I think. Although I am not quite sure, maybe it was someone else kot winning the third game. I only managed to sneak a win in during the second game. I think his finger was hurting hence I could get that win...
Our scores...

Venue: Ampang Superbowl, Times Square
Cost: RM5.50 per game (shoes free)
Keglers: Panzer, Hard, Azrul, Lee, Epul



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