Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Review: Chili's

My colleagues and I sometimes go on culinary adventures around KL. We'd go to one of the malls nearby on Fridays and go seek food. We went to Chili's a number of times and now we're just trying different meals.

Although my colleague prefers to try the variety of drinks they serve. :P

Last Friday, he called the office and said that he wanted Chili's. I wanted Subway, but I can never pass up Chili's. I'd love Chili's during my student days and I still do.

He'd ordered starters already. The buffalo wings.
We're famished so I only got to take pictures at the very end...
This was my starter. Broccoli Cheese Soup.
I wanted to eat a sandwich but thought I might still be hungry so...

Here it is. The Chili's Cheese Steak. HUGE.

My colleague ordered the fajita with meat and chicken.
The sour cream and guacamole looks tempting.

I found myself full and not able to eat anymore, even though the sandwich was only half eaten. The campurisation of the chicken wings, the broc cheese, the fries and the beef sandwich proved my undoing. Sigh. Ordinarily I'd have ordered the Molten Chocolate Cake but I was too full...

Venue: Chili's KLCC
Cost: RM120
Foodie: Colleague

In any event, here are some entertainment news that caught my attention over the past week:


Anonymous said...

uh! wanna try fajita with meat and chicken :) looks yummy!!! >__<

guapunyahal said...

RM120?? wow!!! tak mampu!!

The Wan And Only said...

eleh... cakap jer tu... walhal baru jer balik dari vaykay....

Anonymous said...

The cheese steak looks really delicious. It just made me hungry.



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