Sunday, November 30, 2008

Food: Jalan Bellamy

Because of the new working sched, I am kinda busy and mostly dun have my own internet connection at work. Sometimes. So I am updating the blog sporadically. The pics and events might not be chronologically timed. :P

Last Saturday, I had craving for seafood so I suggested that we went to Jalan Bellamy for ikan and/or seafood bakar.

There are a few stalls there but we chose to go to this one every time...

The seafood selection... mayhaps a lot more during the day...

The grilling station
Ikan Pari

Bigger ikan pari


Another plate of sotong

Yes, yes, we both took the same lauk... twas no biggie... hehehe...
I am from the East Coast so I am used to fresh seafood and the Bellamy seafood is quite fresh. The spicy marinade and spicy dipping sauce are, as the names suggest, are quite spicy. Ordinarily, I would have ordered some sort of vege dish coz the vege dish would be gravy-ish and it would not be of the same spicy variety.
But somehow I did not feel like having vege...
Venue: Gerai Seri Melaka, Jalan Bellamy
Cost: RM25 per pax
Foodie: Panzer

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Food: Mom's Cooking

Told my mom I'd bringing three colleagues with me to the Kuantan for lunch. She asked what we wanted to eat and I told them my colleagues wanted Kampung fare. And I wanted Ikan Patin masak Tempoyak.

This is what my mom prepared... Quite scrumptious if you ask me...

Sambal Belacan with Mango Bits

Kang Kung Belacan

Asam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri with Lady's Finger (Okra as we Americans call it, ehhehe)

Gulai Lemak Cili Api Udang & Rebung

Sambal Tumis Tempoyak with Petai
Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin

The tempoyak ones are my favorites!! Am in the process of learning how to cook these...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Photo Essay: The Kids

Sunday outing - Madagascar @ Teruntum

Me & The Kids @ Teruntum
The nephew with his PSP (bought with his duit raya + my mom topped up)
Monday outing - High School Musical 3 @ Megamall

McDonalds @ Megamall (His zebra thingy refuses to stand correctly)

The Madagascar Meal

Clowning Around

Attempting to play Uno (just before I board the bus back to KL)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Treasure Hunt

Last weekend, me and the other colleagues participated in the
Malaysia Airport Media Explore Hunt 2008.

From Subang to Awana Kijal.

There were 56 teams. We were Team 41. But we were the second team
to arrive at the Subang Airport that morning so we were the second team to be flagged off.

There were the traditional questions we need to answer along the way and there were three tasks to perform.

One of the tasks we had to complete was climbing up Batu Caves
to get the clue for the task and then come back down to complete said task.
The task was to do teh tarik within 10 seconds in humungous jugs, three times. After that, they'd measure how much we have left in the jugs. We managed to do three within 10 seconds but a lot was spilled so we scored only 3 points.

The other tasks were photo hunt and taste test. For the photo hunt, we had to go to Kuantan Airport. We were given part of the logo and we had to seek out which logos were used. We missed out on one logo.
The taste test was the final one, at Awana Kijal. We had to taste a concoction of spices and guess five out of the seven spices used. Luckily, our taste palate were okay coz we guessed correctly all five! :)
And of course, any treasure hunt would not be complete without the treasures. We were given 4 clues to find four items. We managed to decipher the first one without much hassle. The second one too but we had a difficult time choosing which among the many items of that brand. The third one we spotted by accident in a 7-11 and we completely blanked on the fourth one.

Awana Kijal, 10 hours later, being the 23rd team to cross the finish line

The dinner for prize presentation
I thought we had a sporting chance of making it but after they revealed the answers, there was no way in hell we'd win anything. Most of the questions were wired so weirdly that we did not get it. The answer schematics were funky as well. We lost out on at least four questions because we were not clear on what they wanted. We found the damn thing but we did not include some of the things on the board so we lost out. Dammit.

But we placed 19th anyway!! We got the most treasures.
Almost all the teams missed out on Item 3. It did not help when we bought
every packet of the item in that 7-11. Hey, there's more at other 7-11s...

Beach time after breakfast

When we left Awana Kijal, we headed to Kuantan to my parents' place for lunch... that would be another post...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Food: Old Town Kopitiam

This is a sad week for me. One of my colleagues will be leaving the company. We had gotten quite close lately. When she told me the news, I almost cried. As a matter of fact, I am tearing up right now. What? I am only human. Every time I get teary eyed or felt the void that's gonna be there when she leaves, I say mean things to her. Yes, it's crappy but it's my only defense mechanism. What does she have to leave?? Sigh...

Anyways, we went to Old Town Kopitiam at Yap Kwan Seng the other day, even though she was supposed to be lunching it with our boss. Either the boss forgot about the lunch date or she did not mean it when she said she'd take out my friend for a farewell lunch. Sigh...

This is her, holding an Old Town Kopitiam Menu

She ordered the Lime Juice while I ordered the Orange Juice
I had lunch already so I ordered the half-cooked egg on toast

She hadn't had lunch so she ordered laksa

And a basket of curry puffs

My Turkey Ham Sandwich

Vanilla Ice Cream + Blueberry Topping

The laksa was quite good. I mistakenly mark the egg on toast. I only wanted eggs. That's why I had two bread dishes. The sandwich was okay, a bit grainy. The dessert was excellent. :)

Venue: Old Town Kopitiam, Yap Kwan Seng
Cost: RM40
Foodie: Belle (one final time...)

"Why you wanna take my half-eaten currypuff?"

Bye Belle, you will be missed.... good luck with the new career and the dieting... hehehehe....

Food: Bakin' Boys

During one of the lunch outings at KLCC, I saw this new kiosk. Looked interesting.

The paper bag

Marble cookie with melted choco-center

Delicious! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Food: Sri Melati

We went to Sri Melati for dinner one night. I have been there a few times with my friends and colleagues, so we kinda know what we wanted. Hmm, except for one colleague. He has not been there before.

By the way, Sri Melati serves Thai food. Predominantly. It's located in Bandar Sri Permaisuri, near my place. :)

Okay, not really near my place. It's nearer to Hero Supermarket. Across from it actually.


Glass noodle salad

Nasi Goreng Petai

Nasi Goreng Seafood

Nasi Goreng Thai
My Nasi Goreng Petai was nice and spicy. The Nasi Goreng Seafood was nice but plain. The Nasi Goreng Thai had the most extravagant plate but it was not as nice as the Nasi Goreng Petai. Or maybe I am biased coz I ordered it. :P
The calamari was not as nice as the meat was stringy and it felt like mostly batter.
The glass noodle salad is definitely nice. Sweet, sour and spicy. Nice. Have I said nice? :)
Venue: Sri Melati Restaurant
Cost: RM45
Foodie: Zafirah Najmi, Essan Yahya

Monday, November 10, 2008

Food: O'Briens

Last Friday, we went to KLCC. I needed to buy magazines... hmm, I was the only one with an actual need other than wanting lunch.

So we fought over the venue and in the end we settled with O'Briens. Twas a sandwich place, quite expensive but I guess it was okay since one of the colleagues is leaving and we won't get to do the lunch outing anymore. But to be honest, I am a Subway guy at heart.

Undoubtedly fancier than Subway

Pastries on display

My choice of beverage. Esprit Raspberry. Am a sucker for raspberries.

My sandwich. Smoked salmon.

Fahmi's. Chicken and guacamole.

Belle's. Triple Decker.

Belle chose the chips even though we get chips with the sandwich.

All in all, it was a good experience. We traded our sandwiches so we could taste each other's sandwiches. I like mine the best, followed by the guacamole and then only the Triple Decker.
I love salmon, smoked or fresh. Salmon is the only fish I could eat raw (sushi) wihout my gagging reflex kicking in. O'Briens' smoked salmon was subtle and not fishy as most people would have thought.
Guacamole is something I like also. It's like a rare delicacy but not actually rare. :)
The Triple Decker was messy. There was crispy chicken in it, some other deli meat and coleslaw. Coleslaw in a sandwich? One thought. Messy. It did not make the experience nice although the sandwich itself is nice.
Venue: O'Briens, KLCC
Cost: Average Rm13 per sandwich.
Foodie: Belle, Fahmi



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