Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday @ Office

Last Saturday, I was not doing much. Am so lazy to clean the house so I just tidied up here and there. Mostly reorganizing my busting at the seams DVD collection...

I was too lazy to go downstairs so I opted to cook. Not that there was anything remotely edible to be cooked. Wait, there's a few stuff I can make but since I dun have rice, I made pasta.

Hmm, tomato or cream? Like there's any cheese or cream to make a cream sauce. Sigh. Tomato it is then.

Suddenly I remembered going to Hock Choon with Panzer and buying some vege stuff so I decided to make Pasta Alla Trapanese.

First saw that handsome Italian chef, David Rocco, making this pasta on his show. Tried it before and it was nice. I guess I could make it again.

A bit on the dull side color-presentation-wise...
Guess I overdid it with the green leaves... supposed to be the color of tomatoes

Made extra so that I could bring it to the office. The few people working the weekend loved it. One woman could not stop making orgasm noises. Flashes to Meg Ryan... the highest compliment ever... :)

Once my shift was done, I had to cool my heels in the office. Finally, when the rain stopped around 8.30, me and my colleague went out for dinner. I had wanted satay but I also have been jonesing for Subway so we made our way to Avenue K and had some subs there.

Forgot to take pics coz was hungry and could never resist the deli meats there...

My colleague was still not full so we headed to Burger King and he stuffed his face there while I had me some dessert.

Already bitten into... could not help myself...

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masak tuuu...kagum² >__<



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