Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Food: Rosdet

After work, around midnight, we all went to Kg Baru for food. Someone chose to go for Bubur Berlauk so someone pointed out to Rosdet Tomyam in Kg Baru.

It's located near the KL International Hotel. The name of the street eludes me. This was a retro post AKA I only have the time to upload these now...

They also serve other stuff too...
You choose the 'lauks' from this display
Plenty to choose from
The bubur...
My fave... salted fish...

Anchovies... or ikan bilis... hmm, are anchovies ikan bilis?

Some sort of crispy fish

Ikan bilis still...

Kerabu Mangga

Kangkung Belacan

Lobak Jeruk

Side story - Kucing ni tiba2 jer datang and lepak atas kaki aku...

Venue - Rosdet Tomyam, Kampung Baru
Cost - RM100 (divided amongst 7 guys)
Foodie -

Fahmi, Essan Yahya, Sri Wazni

Kumaren, Hirzee, Ayu Roslan

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Food: Williams

During Christmas, Panzer and Is wanted to go shopping for landscaping materials... I sat the shopping trip out coz I dun have the need for landscape stuff yet... then we went to Kelana Jaya for Williams...

I've heard about this place before by friends but the opportunity had never presented itself...

Williams is a road-side stall, kinda like a Mamak stall, but not so much... Williams is well known for its pasta and western food...

Williams also have no official menu... the waiters and/or chef recite the menu from memory and sometimes they tell you what's best with what and what is the best dish etc...

Ribena Laici, a signature drink
Orange-Mango Laici

Panzer's Soft Shell Crab Fried Rice

Is and I shared this - Seafood Risotto
The food was great. The portions were huge. The risotto is quite creamy so we were twicely full. The fried rice is of the tomyam variety but I prefer my tomyam fried rice to be hot, as in spicy. The tanginess is nice enough but it's just not spicy.
The Ribena Laici is not something to shout about. Normal, except for the size of the goblet. But the amount of laici in the drink is quite a lot. They do other fruits with laici too...
All in all, twas quite good. We'd probably go there again to try something else.
Venue - Williams Kelana Jaya
Seafood Risotto - RM40
Soft Shell Crab Fried Rice - RM25
Ribena Laici - RM7
Mango-Orange Laici - RM3
Foodie - Panzer, Iskandar
Oh, almost forgot to mention. Williams is not exactly easy to locate. It's by the old Lim Kok Wing building, turn right after the building and it's on the side of the road on the left...

It's in front of this shop...

These too...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Food: U Hu! Hu!

Bought these after the Carlos experience, for people back in the office...

Oat Cheese Tart

Chocolate Cheese Tart

Peach Lime Cheese Tart

Caramel Cheese Tart

Blueberry Cheese Tart

Pretty good. Cheese was quite creamy, but not too creamy that you'd wind up bloated... But maybe coz of the small-sized portion... watched the separuh akhir AJL while having these...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Food: Dome

One Friday afternoon, or should I say morning, me and one of the anchors went to KLCC for a shopping spree. Or should I say she was shopping and I was the shopaholic-on-window-shopping-mode.

So we went to a few places and she finally found a cute top at Parkson. Mission accomplished. So we set out to find a place for brunch. Or was it lunch already? Hmm...

It was a toss-up between Sushi King (I mentioned this was my fave haunt right?) and Dome. Since I already had sushi, we opted for Dome.

(l-r) Double Choc Ice Blended, Berry Ice Blended

Breakfast Plate
Turmeric Chicken
I have a thing about American-style breakfast (continental?), whenever I get up very early, I'd attempt to find a McDonald's for their Big Breakfast... La Bodega also has nice all-day breakfast food... This platter has eggs, hash browns, breakfast beef strips, tomatoes, baked beans and mushrooms. Yummy.
Ayu had the turmeric chicken, which I did not even bother looking at since I was busy stuffing down the breakfast platter. :)
Oh, gotta give shout out to Dome and their super comfy chair. Feels like dining on a cloud.

Ayu Roslan

How come the chair looks bigger in Ayu's photo?? :P
Venue: Dome, KLCC
Cost: RM80
Foodie: Ayu Roslan

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Food: Sushi King

Sushi King. A favorite haunt of mine. The last time I was there, I took a bunch of pictures but my thumbdrive got zapped with a virus and it all dissipated. Twas the RM2 per plate thingy...

This time, I purposely did not take any pictures. Maybe I should have. Hmmm...

Anyways, this time, I took a couple of shots because I want to share with you the latest offering...

Wan Syahrina, holding two in her hands...

Sotong sumbat
Yummy.... the squid is stuffed with sushi rice and sesame seed... :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Food: Carlos

Went to Pavilion with colleagues. One of them wanted to shop for cute tops. I checked out the book store while she shopped.

After the shopping, it was time for dinner. After much deliberation, we decided to go to Carlos. Mostly because of the oyster. During Ramadan, me and her went to Paya Serai at PJ Hilton and feasted on buffet food courtesy of Northport. :)

We also got to feast on fresh oysters and we've been jonesing for oysters ever since.

RM2 per shell is pretty cheap eh?

The menu

I ordered the chili con carne

Grilled potato skin

Chicken Wings (oopsy, that's not my alcoholic beverage...)

Smoked salmon salad
Ayu Roslan with her oysters

My oyster plate

The chili con carne was quite excellent. I loved it, except for the fact the cheese was not melted thoroughly. Still chunks of it in the chili.

The grilled potato skins are nice, but they crumble though. The smoked salmon was succulent too. In case you're wondering, I did not order everything. I tasted my colleagues' dishes.
The oysters are great. We ended up ordering close to twenty shells. Methinks Gout-Town is the nearest pit stop...
Anyways, the best chili I've had so far is at Carlos. Second best, Carl's Jr. Third is Chili's. Ironic that Chili's would place third when its name is the food itself...

Venue: Carlos, Pavilion
Cost: Rm150
Foodie: Ayu Roslan, Fahmi

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Food: Izzi Pizza

Went to Izzi again. No feathers this time, I swear. Just like the visits before that particular incident. :)

Did not know about this until I sat down and was handed the menu. A pleasant surprise indeed.

75% off

So we went stir-crazy and ordered all kinds of food...

Panzer's BBQ Chicken Salad

My Prawn Linguine

My Greek Salad

Panzer's Marinara Pizza

We each ordered Calamari

Double Choco Fudge

The food is as usual good. Was surprised at the portion of the Calamari. Did not remember it being that huge... quite good actually. The Double Choco Fudge was a bit of a letdown... too dry...

By the way, good news for the folks at Setiawangsa. Izzi has opened a branch there.
And no, Izzi did not pay me to say so. :P

Venue: Izzi Pizza Bukit Bintang
Cost: RM55 (after a discount of RM99)
Foodie: Panzer



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