Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Food: Dome

One Friday afternoon, or should I say morning, me and one of the anchors went to KLCC for a shopping spree. Or should I say she was shopping and I was the shopaholic-on-window-shopping-mode.

So we went to a few places and she finally found a cute top at Parkson. Mission accomplished. So we set out to find a place for brunch. Or was it lunch already? Hmm...

It was a toss-up between Sushi King (I mentioned this was my fave haunt right?) and Dome. Since I already had sushi, we opted for Dome.

(l-r) Double Choc Ice Blended, Berry Ice Blended

Breakfast Plate
Turmeric Chicken
I have a thing about American-style breakfast (continental?), whenever I get up very early, I'd attempt to find a McDonald's for their Big Breakfast... La Bodega also has nice all-day breakfast food... This platter has eggs, hash browns, breakfast beef strips, tomatoes, baked beans and mushrooms. Yummy.
Ayu had the turmeric chicken, which I did not even bother looking at since I was busy stuffing down the breakfast platter. :)
Oh, gotta give shout out to Dome and their super comfy chair. Feels like dining on a cloud.

Ayu Roslan

How come the chair looks bigger in Ayu's photo?? :P
Venue: Dome, KLCC
Cost: RM80
Foodie: Ayu Roslan


Anonymous said...

i also fall in love with any breakfast set! This one looks yummylicious!

u look great btw *motif?

toughcookie said...

you lost weight!!

The Wan And Only said...

Two compliments?? I am touched... thanks... :)



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