Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Food: Izzi Pizza

Went to Izzi again. No feathers this time, I swear. Just like the visits before that particular incident. :)

Did not know about this until I sat down and was handed the menu. A pleasant surprise indeed.

75% off

So we went stir-crazy and ordered all kinds of food...

Panzer's BBQ Chicken Salad

My Prawn Linguine

My Greek Salad

Panzer's Marinara Pizza

We each ordered Calamari

Double Choco Fudge

The food is as usual good. Was surprised at the portion of the Calamari. Did not remember it being that huge... quite good actually. The Double Choco Fudge was a bit of a letdown... too dry...

By the way, good news for the folks at Setiawangsa. Izzi has opened a branch there.
And no, Izzi did not pay me to say so. :P

Venue: Izzi Pizza Bukit Bintang
Cost: RM55 (after a discount of RM99)
Foodie: Panzer


Sankai said...

nyum~! Nothing like a cheap, delicious pizza outing to cheer you up!


aisookacantik said...

Hey Wan!!!!!

Glad to hear that you were happy dining at Izzi for the 2nd time!!Can we expect you to dine more often after this?Hey, have you check out our new baby at Jusco AU2, Taman Keramat? Hurry and check out our promo exclusively for Jcard & AEON members...Also, if you spend RM 50.00 in a single recepit, you are entitle to join our MEGASALES SMS contest running from 24th Dec 08 - 14th Feb 09!You'll never know if you're the lucky winner to win a Izzi's Vouchers and trip to Bali, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Phuket, Ho Chi Minh!!!!!!



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