Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Food: Krispy Kreme

We went to Krispy Kreme after watching Star Trek...

Hardworking crew... opens until midnite...

The selection

We tapau-ed the donuts

It was a set of half glazed/half other kinds

I like Krispy Kreme. They offer some different kinds of donuts compared to Jco, Dunkin Donuts and Big Apple. But I guess each establishment has its own attraction like the Durian Donut from Big Apple, the Boston Creme from Dunkins... how come I blanked when it comes to Jco's? Hmm...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Food: Theobrama Chocolate Lounge

Totally forgot what the drink was... Belgian Dark Chocolate I think... I was not that hungry but had some time to kill before my movie so I went and ordered the Quiche...
Nice taste... but a bit dried... :)
A friend I bumped into paid for the meal... hehehe...
Venue: Theobrama Chocolate Lounge, Pavilion

Friday, May 8, 2009

Food: Splendid

Splendid is a cafe in Jusco AU2 Setiawangsa. It's right outside in the courtyard with the fountain. The menu has western food but also serves local delicacies. The photos are a bit yellow-ish because I was trying a different setting with Elsa...

Poster on the wall

The interior

Hot Chocolate

Beef Noodle

Continental Breakfast
Splendid has a 'Food of the Day' type deal where the food of the day, in this case, it's the Beef Noodle, gets a 50% discount.
The beef noodle was not bad I think but that was not my order. I ordered the breakfast even though it was dinner time. I am crazy for continental breakfast I think. I once had a dinner party and invited friends over and made them breakfast food. :)
Anyways, I was disappointed with my food. The portion was small. The baked beans were cold. The toast was even toasted. It was bread. Cut half. 3 sausages? Come on!
The eggs? I ordered sunny side up. This is what I got...
Pic too yellow... but that egg is definitely not sunny side up...

For RM16.90, I was not satisfied with what I got. I could get a better deal from McDonald's... sigh... and then I realized Splendid was kinda like Secret Recipe's distant cousin... hmm...
Portion-wise? Disappointing. Quality of the food? Disappointing too...
Venue: Splendid Cafe, Jusco AU2 Setiawangsa
Cost: RM48.15
Foodie: Gua

Monday, May 4, 2009

Food: TGI Friday's

Went to TGI Friday's during one of the movie marathons at Pavilion. Saw the promotion for a set course of starter and main for a cheap amount of money (which I don't remember now, hehehe... the promotion probably expired already..)

Grilled Potato Skin With Cheese
Salmon Pasta
Fudge Brownie ala Mode

The potato skin was nice and the salmon pasta was delicious. I loved the different textures of the food (cucumber, pasta noodle, salmon) and it was not too creamy either.
The fudge brownie was delicious too, if not too sweet, with the caramel/chocolate fudge being Jackson Pollock-ed all over the plate.
All in all, a satisfying meal indeed.



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