Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Food: Baskin Robbins

It's 31st of March and as per usual, Baskin Robbins' handpacked ice creams would be discounted at 31 percent off!

Baskin Robbins does this discount thing every 31st of the month.

Speaking of ice cream, I am hooked on this ice cream ever since my student days. I'd make sure whenever we go out for groceries at Walmart, this would also end up in our cart.

It's called Bunny Tracks, from Blue Bunny. It's vanilla ice cream that's loaded with chocolate-covered peanuts, peanut butter-filled chocolate bunnies, a thick chocolate fudge ribbon and a peanut butter caramel ribbon. Yummy...

Available at most Cold Storage outlets... go on, give it a try... :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Food: Hartz Chicken Buffet

I remembered back in my UiTM days, we all would go to Sunway Pyramid after we all get our allowances and pig out at Hartz Chicken Buffet. Ah, those were the days. I remembered it well. The food was not too bad, the spread was quite good. Those were the days.

Hartz Chicken Buffet is still around today but I find the quality of the food have gone down. :(

There is still variety but not as much as before and the ice cream machine is always broken. Purposely? Who knows...

Chicken Buffet Entrance

The Price

The Spread

Fruit/Salad bar


Side Dish

What we took...

And took...

And took again...

Took some more...
Like I said, the quality has gone down and the food is bland. But I guess if you can look past the blandness and just fill your tummy, then this is the place for you.
The saving grace for me is the mashed potato with brown gravy. Delicious. But you can't eat a lot of mashed potatoes. It's like rice, it'll fill you up fast. And sometimes you'll get one or two gems there, so it's not all bad. I just wish they'd revert back to those good old days... sigh...
Venue: Hartz Chicken Buffet, Berjaya Times Square
Cost: RM22.90 per pax
Foodie: Junsern, Matthew

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Food: Endah Parade

Karaoke session Tuesday nights at Endah Parade (Men's Night, RM8 for 3 hours)... so we went to the bowling alley there and had dinner...

The Big Glass Fruit Juice

Nasi Goreng Potato

Gua and I ordered the same dish. I actually wanted the Chicken Potato dish, very nice. The potato fried rice was also very good. Surprising eh? A bowling alley has a nice food outlet...

Venue: Bowling Alley, Endah Parade
Cost: Forgot... quite cheap...
Foodie: Gua

Monday, March 9, 2009

Food: Sushi King

Went to Midvalley after work one night. Did not really know what to eat. My date suggested a specific sushi place but there was no branch in Midvalley so we went to Sushi King instead.

Sotong Sumbat, ehehehhe

Fish in black pepper sauce

Black Pepper Udon


Smoked Salmon

The usual Sake Kawa Temaki AKA Salmon Skin Roll

This year's RM2/plate schedule... anyone care to join me?

Sunday Outing

After work, went straight to Times Square to catch a movie... had to skip out on bowling with friends coz the tickets were already bought...

Pretty good...
Planning to catch these two next week....

While I was in Times Square, I saw that Krispy Kreme is opening (yay!!) and Wendy's has already opened... Times Square is offering a lot of food places now... Berjaya Group is so rich for taking on all these brands...

Krispy Kreme

Wendy's on 3rd Floor

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Food: Long John Silver's

I was at Midvalley with a colleague watching Geng and we decided to go for lunch at Long John Silver's.

Fast Seafood Place


Golden Fried Chicken/Shrimp

Grilled Fish/Shrimp
Long John Silver's has nice food. The fried stuff is quite nice. I used to love this fast seafood place called Captain D... but it's not here in Malaysia...
Venue: Long John Silver's, Midvalley
Cost: RM32.40
Foodie: Indah

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Food: California Pizza Kitchen

One fine day, me and a colleague went to KLCC for lunch. We were stumped as to where to dine so it falls to me and I suggested this restaurant since I haven't been there. My colleague also haven't been so we both agreed to go there.

The interior

I ordered iced lemon tea

My entree... Portobello Mushroom Ravioli

The Works Pizza

Marsala Marinara with Chicken Pasta

Key Lime Pie for Dessert
I've always wanted to try Ravioli but never had the opportunity. So I jumped on the chance to have a taste. It's quite nice and creamy but it definitely was not enough... lucky we ordered the pizza. The Works means it has everything on it... well, all kinds of deli meat anyways... which was good too, especially since they use a wood-burning oven...
Pizza is better cooked with wood-burning oven

Did not have a taste of the Marsala Marinara because of the alcohol content. My colleague says next time he'll order the virgin menu so that I could taste...
The key lime pie was creamy heaven, although since I already had the creamy ravioli, it was a bit much... but still nice... I haven't had key lime pie before and yes, jumped at the chance to try...
California Pizza Kitchen is quite pricey but the food is good...

Venue: California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC
Cost: RM 151.80
Foodie: Fahmi


Eddie tagged me... sigh...

1)Kegunaan lain alat2 dibawah:
a) Anak Kunci
- Cucuk mata attacker...
b) Penutup Pen
- Alat melepaskan tensi atau neves... geget lar per lagi...
c) Botol Mineral
- Tempat letak bunga...
d) Paper
- Paper ni kertas ke suratkabar? Surat khabar, gulung2, leh ketuk kepala org degil
e) Seluar 'D'
- Seluar D ni apa? Seluar dalam ker? Suar dalam guna utk lap tumpahan, ehhehehe
f) Lesung batu
- paper weight
g) langsir
- ada org wat baju...
h) Komputer
- Jadi storage utk porn...
i) Duit syiling
- guna masa dah betul2 pokai..
j) Laman Blog
- ngorat, ehhehehe

2) personal tag
[1] your full name n nick? @@>> The Wan & Only
[2] single or taken? @@>> Perpetually single
[3] hotlink, celcom, digi or Umobile? @@>> 017
[4] indoor or outdoor? @@>> depends on the weather
[5] are you thinkin bout someone rite now?? who? @@>> takde la plak sebelum soklan ni... skang dah terpk... kawan yg lama tak jumpa...
[6] sushi or roti canai? @@>> sushi
[7]have u fell in love with 2 person in one time? @@>> nope
[8] flipflop or sneakers? @@>> sneakers
[9]what do u tink bout me? @@>> entah la, tak pernah jumpa pun, baru kenal2 gitu2 jer
[10] 5 person u wanna tag with dis ques?? @@>> xnak la tag org lain...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Food: Satay

Last month, my family was in town coz my uncle was admitted to HKL. After coming back from the hospital, everybody was hungry so I suggested this restaurant ...

Satay @ Restoran Mulia AKA Pulau, which is in front of the Celcom Building, facing Jalan Tun Razak.

They haven't had it yet. They only know Satay Kajang so I thought they oughta have a taste of something right in KL...

Nice plump satay

Kuah kacang and sambal...

Nasi impit
But they also decided to order other food... for me, the satay is enough... apparently they did not know the size of the satay meat is quite huge... see? size does matter... hehehehe
My dad's Lamb Chop

The kids ordered Chicken Chop



They enjoyed the food and as predicted, we ended up tapau-ing the satay and chopping it up and re-fry it with some rice the next day...



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