Monday, March 9, 2009

Food: Sushi King

Went to Midvalley after work one night. Did not really know what to eat. My date suggested a specific sushi place but there was no branch in Midvalley so we went to Sushi King instead.

Sotong Sumbat, ehehehhe

Fish in black pepper sauce

Black Pepper Udon


Smoked Salmon

The usual Sake Kawa Temaki AKA Salmon Skin Roll

This year's RM2/plate schedule... anyone care to join me?


raden putra said...

is it sakae? think it's cheaper than sushi king...

then again, on 13-16th april, sushi king would be cheaper...

The Wan And Only said...

yes, sakae...

rarza said... fav.

The Wan And Only said...

rarza, jom?



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