Thursday, February 26, 2009

Food: Intai2

Gua and I went to Intai2 after work one night. It's off of the MRR2... quite nicely hidden behind some shops at the side of MRR2...

Seems like there's still some construction being done there. It was quite dark so my camera phone really can't capture anything much. The restaurant is like a floating restaurant but not really. Some dining areas are built over a pond.

The restaurant is U-shaped, with a pond in the middle. Quite nice and romantic for a date. Hehhehe...

The sign at the gate

Nasi Goreng Thai

Nasi Goreng Special (I think)...

The presentation was superb. The food was not bad. Quite nice. My Nasi Goreng Thai had a fancy Thai name but I forgot what it was. Fried with Belacan or Udang Kering... nice with the ulams on the side...

Venue: Intai-Intai

Cost: RM40
Foodie: Gua

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Food: Nando's

I work every Sunday from 11am to 7pm producing news. Recently, the company hired a girl trainee. She's eager to learn the ropes and had asked me to train her in producing news and teach her how to use the softwares and what the in-house style etc.

So she tags along almost every Sunday. But since trainee salary is quite small, I decided to treat her for dinner, since she was doing half my work anyways.

After work, we went to KLCC. I was jonesing for some Nando's action, especially the rice. Yummy rice. Since she's not been to Nando's, twas perfect.

The trainee with her quarter chicken meal

My half chicken (yep, I was hungry) meal with
the delicious rice and nice potato salad

A nice surprise... Free dessert with the half chicken meal...
Mango jelly with whipped cream and chocolate fudge
Venue: Nando's KLCC
Cost: RM45
Foodie: Trainee

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Food: Restoran Ayam Herbal

Anybody's been to this Restoran Ayam Herbal in Sentul Raya? If so, then how's the food?
I passed by this restaurant after having KFC... would gladly try this instead of KFC...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Food: Chinese Muslim

This is one of my favorite local eatery. I love the food there and the fact that it is right next to my place helps a lot. Hhehehee.

It's called simply Chinese Muslim Restaurant. If you're familiar with Bandar Sri Permaisuri, you'd know there's a stretch of food stalls at the edge of Jalan Sri Permaisuri 1. Chinese Muslim sits at the back, behind everything.

C-Moi, asam boi + lime, very refreshing

Nasi Goreng Tomyam

Nasi Kukus Man Fan

Went there with Gua after karaoke one night, he had the Nasi Kukus Man Fan and I had the Nasi Goreng Tomyam.
I love the Nasi Goreng Tomyam because it's spicy! The other Nasi Goreng Tomyams I had in town are all not spicy. However, it's lacking the sourness of a tomyam slightly. So whenever I tapau, I'd douse the nasi goreng with some lemon juice and viola! A perfect Nasi Goreng Tomyam.

Venue: Chinese Muslim, Bandar Sri Permaisuri
Cost: RM15
Foodie: Gua

Friday, February 13, 2009

Food: Tony Roma's

Yet again, another one of the Midvalley ouevre. This time, I was all alone and went on a whim. Decided to go for Tony Roma's. Been a while since I had eaten there.

Tony Roma's, next to Paddington's House of Pancakes

Free bread with garlic butter, very nice

Shrimp Scampi Pasta

TR Chocolate Avalanche
I loved scampi. Fell in love with it during my student days. Would always have the shrimp scampi at Denny's after bowling.
Scampi means shrimp served in garlic butter... so imagine my delight when I find Tony Roma's serving it... yay...
One of my fave places to get stuffed... Tony Roma's... :)
Venue: Tony Roma's, Midvalley

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Food: Madam Kwan's

This was during my stint at Midvalley. An ex-colleague came to visit the booth and took me out for lunch. We went to Madam Kwan's and we spent the whole time catching up and gossiping. Hehhehe...

Chicken Wings


Nasi Bojari

Golden Banana Fritters a la mode
The chicken wings were differently spiced. It was quite nice and so was the calamari.
The Nasi Bojari was always a treat! I love that dish. It has a quarter chicken, sambal prawn, beef rendang and acar ( can't remember about the last one though)...
Banana Fritters was heavenly. I had this strange craving for fritters dusted with cinnamon... wonder what that would taste like... hmmm...
Venue: Madam Kwan's Midvalley
Cost: Free (she paid!)
Foodie: Belle

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tagged by Sankai

1. Tanda2 kamu badmood? Senyap tak berbunyi....

2. Tanda2 kamu marah?> Tak bercakap ngan org tuh....

3. Tanda2 kamu sinting?> Sibuk ajak orang kuar gi mana2, shopping ker, karaoke ker, makan ker...

4. Tanda2 kamu malu?> Takleh duk diam, paksa rela busykan diri...

5. Tanda2 kamu sedang cemburu?> Make jokes or comments, especially self-deprecating ones...

6. Tanda2 kamu sedang sedih?> Kalau nampak aku pegang banyak shopping bags...

7. Tanda2 kamu gembira?> Laid back...

1. Apa warna baju kamu pakai sekarang?> Baju belang... hitam and hijau

2. Apakah kamu termasuk orang yang suka shopping?> Shopaholics Anonymous, every Friday nite at 8pm...

3. Apakah kamu percaya love at first sight?> A bit

4. Apa yang ingin kamu lakukan sekarang?> Minum Season's Ice Lemon Tea...

5. Apa rasa dihati kamu saat ini?> Sighing... Naper banyak sangat tag nak kena jawab ni... blog kena tag, facebook pun kena tag...

1. Bila pertama kali kamu dilahirkan kedunia ini?> On my birthday...

2. Bila saat terindah dalam hidupmu?> Ada ker? Jap, nak ingat... belum ada lagi saat terindah... tapi saat yang agak best tu ada kot... menang writing awards kat US...

3. Bila kali terakhir dimarahi ibubapa?> Bila diaorang tengok credit card statement...

4. Bila kali terakhir ehem ehem ehem?> baru jer tadi sebab tekak kering dan gatal, so terpaksa ehem2... err, silap faham meaning ehem ker? hihihii...

5. Bila kamu akan married?> Tengah tunggu pinangan...

1. Bagaimana jika ada orang buat kamu sakit hati?> Senyap jer, tak tegur orang tu sampai sakit hati subside...

2. Bagaimana kalau ada orang cakap kamu lawa/hensem?> Blush dulu, dah recover baru say thanks...

3. Bagaimana jika ada teman kamu, meninggalkan kamu?> Teman ni kawan2 ker atau life partner? Sedih la gak kawan2 meninggalkan kita tapi kena tengok circumstances gak... Life partner tinggalkan kita? Devastated giler...

4. Bagaimana jika ada orang tidak suka sama kamu?> Obsess sekejap, apparently I am Monica from FRIENDS... tapi obsess dalam hati jer... sooner or later, life goes on and buat derk jer la...

5. Bagaimana jika kamu bangun kamu di kelilingi api?> "Power pyrokinetic aku dah muncul akhirnya... leh bakar orang2 yang nyakitkan ati aku... *gelak jahat*"

6. Bagaimana jika kamu keseorangan?> Dah biasa dah....


No follow up tag... this one's not fun enough, heheheh...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Food: Big Apple

The stint at Midvalley allowed me to go numerous food joints that I would have been too busy to go to on a regular work day. After having lunch at the lower ground food court, I grabbed a few Big Apple Donuts on the way back to the Convention Centre.

Big Apple

Me in the checkered shirt waiting in line

The workers making the donuts

The donuts on display

The range

Specially designed donut box for CNY

The six I chose...

The cost

I think Big Apple and Jco Donuts are cousins... But Big Apple has the more exotic choices like Durian Cream... yummy...



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