Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Food: Rosdet

After work, around midnight, we all went to Kg Baru for food. Someone chose to go for Bubur Berlauk so someone pointed out to Rosdet Tomyam in Kg Baru.

It's located near the KL International Hotel. The name of the street eludes me. This was a retro post AKA I only have the time to upload these now...

They also serve other stuff too...
You choose the 'lauks' from this display
Plenty to choose from
The bubur...
My fave... salted fish...

Anchovies... or ikan bilis... hmm, are anchovies ikan bilis?

Some sort of crispy fish

Ikan bilis still...

Kerabu Mangga

Kangkung Belacan

Lobak Jeruk

Side story - Kucing ni tiba2 jer datang and lepak atas kaki aku...

Venue - Rosdet Tomyam, Kampung Baru
Cost - RM100 (divided amongst 7 guys)
Foodie -

Fahmi, Essan Yahya, Sri Wazni

Kumaren, Hirzee, Ayu Roslan

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MataMata said...

kesedapan kangkung belacan itu tidak akan kulupakan....hmmm



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