Thursday, October 30, 2008

Food: Wong Solo

Last Saturday, we went for grocery shopping, then headed to Ampang for dinner. Indonesian restaurant called Wong Solo. It was not the first time we all went there.

I ordered the Empel Sapi plus the Ayam Penyet Set. They're both equally good so I ordered both. Then I ordered the Teh O Ais and Es Buah. It's like a mixed fruit cocktail. Oh, and we ordered a vege dish to share... the Spicy Brinjals... and the set actually comes with white rice, a bit of the brinjal, tauhu goreng, tempe goreng, some ulams and two kinds of sambals...

It was the first time I actually went into one of those sit-down booths, rather than eating at the table. Felt like home...

Ice Lime Tea and Es Buah (es means ice)
The view from our booth...

Tempe and Tauhu Goreng

Empel Sapi Set

Spicy Eggplant Dish

Ayam Penyek Set (Chicken)

The empel sapi dish (Beef)

Venue: Wong Solo, Ampang
Cost: Free (courtesy of Teddy)
Foodie: Panzer, Teddy, Iskandar


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