Monday, April 20, 2009

Food: Jogoya

Courtesy of one of my colleague's husband, we got vouchers to go to Jogoya, located on the Relish Floor of Starhill.

Jogoya is a buffet restaurant that serves mainly Japanese food, but not really restricted to Japanese food. Japanese and Seafood I guess.

The place was quite fancy schmancy so I was hesitant to take Elsa out and start snapping, especially since Elsa's not too fond on being silent. She's quite flashy too... so here are the ones I managed to snap...

Hot tissue

Our table

Lamb with some veges and wild mushroom


Chicken Wings and Grilled Alaskan Squid

Tomyam Soup

Shark's Fin Soup


Jogoya Pins

You take the pins and put it at a counter for a dish you want. They'll whip it up and send em over to your table. Yup, some stuff are not cooked yet so they'll do it once you put your pin there.
The shark's fin soup was nice. As were the oysters. Fresh. :)
I especially like the Alaskan Squid. I haven't had that Alaskan Squid before. I'd imagine all squid tasted the same but the Alaskan type has a different texture to it.
The lamb and the venison was also delicious. Who would've thought that venison would be served there...
I might go there a second time at the end of the month. Now that I know the layout, I'd probably enjoy it more... :)
Venue: Jogoya, Relish Floor, Starhill, Bukit Bintang
Cost: (with voucher) RM60 each (totally worth it)
Foodie: Panzer, Zafirah, Aidil

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