Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Food : Pappa Rich

One fine day after work, Gua and I went to Pappa Rich in Bandar Sri Permaisuri (down the street from my place jer)...

I had been at the Permaisuri one a few times with the others but we've never really had dinner there. Mostly just go there for drinks coz their drink menus are pretty good.

Soya Bean with Gula Melaka (Panzer thinks the Soya Bean is Vsoy...)
Iced Red Bean, looks like a drink but more like a dessert

Forgot the name of this... but basically it was
kueytiaw soup with steamed chicken (I love steamed chicken!)
Please note that all of the below photos are Gua's orders. I put this disclaimer forth so that people would know that I am not that big an eater, even though I am big. Gua's a walking skeleton but he eats more than me... behold...

Gua's Kopi (or was it Cham?)

Gua's Mee Kari

Gua's Roti Kaya with Butter

Gua's Steamed Pau

Gua's Half Boiled Eggs

Gua's Soybean Balls
Phew! Okay, okay, he does give me some of the food, but only a tiny piece. And he polished em all off... not a single strand or drop left... dasat and he's only like this tiny man...

Oh, the food was pretty good and satisfying indeed...
Venue: Pappa Rich, Bandar Sri Permaisuri
Cost: RM60
Foodie: Gua


Sankai said...

been here... the food is erm... so-so..

The Wan And Only said...

of course, coz u can make better right?



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