Tuesday, October 6, 2009


During the second week of puasa, during the 3-day Merdeka weekend, I had my friends and colleagues over at my place for buka puasa. I slaved over the electric stove all day to make dinner. Okay, okay, half a day.

One colleague, very the heavily pregnant (worried that she might give birth at my place) asked if I could make her Bolognaise Pasta so I obliged... the ingredients are:




Garlic (left), tomatoes - chopped (right)

Saute-ing the onions

Adding in the tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic

After adding in minced meat and tomato puree

After simmering for a while
(not pictured: ginger, salt, white/black pepper,
worchester sauce, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, oregano, paprika)

The pasta... cook until aldente or soft, rinse,
then reheat again, add butter and a little oregano or basil

Add cheese to the dish

The end product

The pregnant colleague asked me if what I was serving was Prego. I was offended at first but then I realized it was a compliment. Coz it tasted like store bought. International brand even. :)

To tell you the truth, that was my first time trying the recipe and I even tweaked the original recipe a little coz of the red wine...


ZafirahNajmi said...

sangat sedap..tak meleleh la air liur baby aku, sempat jugak aku makan sebelum deliver..:) thnks...nnt buat la lagi ok!

The Wan And Only said...

wat pun khas utk ko... :)



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