Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Food: Subway

Yesterday went to Times Square to meet up with Panzer. Supposed to have my bowling ball fixed coz there's a tourney next month at Sunway Pyramid.

I don't fancy Sunway Pyramid Bowling coz I can't use the house balls. So if I wanna join the tourney, I need to fix the damn ball.

Anyways, the shop was closed and Panzer went for a Thai massage. So I surfed online at Starbucks and opened Facebook and layan-ed my latest addiction: Pet Society.

After that, we headed to Subway for dinner. Did you guys know that Subway has a new promotion?

The new promo
Sub of the Day for RM7.50.

Mondays: Italian BMT, Tuesdays: Tuna, Wednesdays: Meatball Marinara, Thursdays: Turkey Breast and Turkey Ham, Fridays: Smoked Turkey, Saturdays: Seafood and Crab and finally Sundays: Chicken Teriyaki.

I had the Meatball Sub... honestly, I don't know how people can eat that properly... the meatballs kept evading my mouth... either I take one whole meatball in or I just get the bread...

In other news, a musical guest appeared at the office today. Fresh off of Juara Lagu (even though he did not win), Aizat came for an interview. At the end of the hour, he sang live Lagu Kita... after that, we all took turns and posed with him... he's talented and cool... :)

Aizat & Me...


Sankai said...
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Sankai said...

waaaaaaoww.. you're so hanging out with the celebs... waaaaaaaow!

The Wan And Only said...

he's only aizat... but i got goose bumps when sang Lagu Kita live in the studio... :)



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