Monday, January 12, 2009

Food: Fish & Co

While on the public holiday stretch, me and this guy went to One Utama. Originally, we were supposed to go to Ampang Yong Tau Foo near Ampang Point but he wanted to eat here:

Been a while since I last ate at Fish & Co so I went along, plus it was kinda a belated besday dinner thingy anyways. But the traffic was hell. Lucky for me, I was not driving. Parking was even worse! What's worse than hell you ask? Try driving in KL during peak holiday time. Grrr... Lucky it was not me driving... enough rambling, food time...

The sauces

Seafood Cream Soup

Refillable Passion Fruit Drink...
though you have to top up about RM5 for the drinkies to be bottomless

Both have blogs that needed updates...

Mushroom Alfredo


New York Fish & Chips
Portions are quite small. That's my only complaint. Otherwise, the food was quite delicious. Especially the calamari, has a spicy kick to it. After dinner, we went to Speedy opposite Fish & Co and I ended buying Ben 10 season 4 and Alien Force.... for my nephew. Yes, that's it. Nephew. I love Alien Force. The kids are grown up and more powerful. Especially Gwen. What? I have to test the discs first. Dun wanna give my nephew faulty discs... :P
Venue: Fish & Co, One Utama
Cost: RM50
Foodie: Abah
This was taken as I was snapping, did not even notice...


Apis said...

hah! Finally the fish n co. entry...thanx for the belanja part...tu lar tak beli hadiah lagi..kan dah kena belanja makan....

toughcookie said...

seriously, man.. what happened to you?? you really lost weight. makan ati ke atau work too hard? ;P

The Wan And Only said...

nothing changed really. not on a deliberate diet, as you can see from the blog... maybe makan ati kot... hhuhuhuuh



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