Sunday, January 18, 2009

Food: Izzi 75%

Izzi's 75% Discount Menu... Again! :)

Beef Lover's Pizza (or something to that effect)

Calamari (obvious choice)

Viatnamese Beef Noodle
The Beef Noodle is new. There's plenty of beef. In fact, more than the noodles. :)
The pizza was nice. I love the beef strips. Although I couldn't finish it (too much beef noodle + calamari), I polished off the toppings.
This was taken during Christmas break... heheheh...
Venue: Izzi Bukit Bintang
Cost: RM25 + refillable drink

P/S - Izzi is not paying me to post this in my blog... though I wish they would... I love eating at Izzi (*hint hint*)


Aliyah said...

Hi Wan!Looks like you enjoyed ur meal @ IZZI. I am Izzi lover too! Have you been to their 3rd outlet @ Jusco Keramat AU2? Go and check it out!!Hey, heard that their 75% is gonna end soon. Hurry, bring your friends and families to dine at IZZI.Don't forget to watch out their EVERYDAY Low Prices Menu too!

Cik Fira-T said...

best ker IZZI?..u seem to 'promote' the restaurant a lot in your blog.nk try juga la nnti

The Wan And Only said...

hi Cik Fira, Izzi mmg best... I promote for free, huhuhuh...



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