Saturday, January 3, 2009

Food: Barra

One Tuesday night, the whole lot of us, except for the night shift, went out for dinner. You guys noticed the row of shops next to Tesco Ampang?

If you are standing at the parking lot of Tesco Ampang, you can see a huge Linda Onn poster, peddling her new restaurant selling Assam Pedas. But the poster shows her in a black dress holding a chili. Hmmm...

Anyways, those are the new blocks of shop and we went to the one behind Linda Onn's shop. It's called Barra.

Barra's Front
It was a new establishment. One of them SMEs. As you can see from the banner, Barra offers seafood, western cuisines and local favorites.

Zafirah Najmi's Sweet & Sour Fish
Mine... the House Specialty, Nasi Goreng Barra
Husna Afifi's Alfredo Pasta

Forgot the name of this dish but it's fried bananas with shredded coconut and brown sugar
Nice menu. I loved the nasi goreng Barra and the banana dish was divine... but more importantly, the company we kept... it was nice to have everyone there for dinner... :)
Venue: Barra, MRR2, next to Tesco Ampang
Cost: Free (tq R24)
Yunus Sabri, Fahmi, Essan Yahya

Ayu Nordin, Enn Baleana, Irni, Elina, Indah, Husna Afifi,
Zafirah Najmi, Essan Yahya, Shahrul Aini Saharan

Husna Afifi, Zafirah Najmi, Shahrul Aini Saharan, Me

Kam Kamarudin

Irma Mashadi, Ayu Roslan



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