Saturday, October 11, 2008

Food: Thai @ Kg Baru

Carrying on the theme of disappointing meals from Sunday, the dinner on Monday was the epitome of disappointment.

Was meeting a friend in Kg Baru and he was staying at the Kuala Lumpur International Hotel. I came straight from the office since it was just nearby and hadn't had dinner. So I chose a restaurant that did not have that many patrons. Maybe that was my first misstep. But I was hungry like hell. And it was not like the place was completely empty. There were several people there. So I took a leap of faith and went in.

The first thing I ordered. Tom Yam Poktek.

Something new. In-house specialty or something. I haven't come across this menu item before. It's called Kringkong or something to that effect. Like it's dry (kering). That's Chicken by the way. The lady said it was very spicy. Interesting.

Also ordered omelette and white rice. The tomyam tasted different from the one I had in Cheras. Ordinarily, I am not that picky. I also try not to be biased in my tastings but I did not like this tomyam. There was too much of something... some leaf or some spice thingies and that did not make it taste very good. The dry spicy chicken thingy was quite nice though. I haven't eaten anything quite like it before.

What is it about tomyam and the thingies used to flavor it? These were the leftovers from the tomyam bowl. Even the chicken had too much ginger.

Venue: Dun remember the name of the place, next to Kuala Lumpur International Hotel, Kg Baru.

Cost: RM14

Foodie: Me only.

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abah said...

U shud try Nam Kang restorant at Kg. Baru kot..its my friends restaurant... :D



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