Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Boss' Open House

I told you guys about my thumb drive fiasco right? All of a sudden, I found some pictures that I had taken but kept somewhere else. Check out Max Payne's review coz I posted a couple of newly found pix there too.

These are taken at my boss' open house. Unfortunately, only these are available... the photos I took of the food and of the glorious cakes (boss' wife is a businesswoman/baker) are unfortunately forever gone...

That's me in the checkered shirt, with my colleagues, Irma Mashadi and Rahayu Nordin

Me and Zafirah Najmi

(l-r) Irma Mashadi, Ayu Roslan, Zafirah Najmi, Asyraf Nasir and Enn Baleana


Apis said...

anak saper la checked shirt ituhhh

The Wan And Only said...

anak my father and my mother... :P



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