Monday, October 6, 2008

Food: Raya 2008

This Raya Aidilfitri, I went back to my grandma's house in Kuala Lipis, Pahang, unlike last year's. I was in KL alone, or to be more accurate, with a friend and his lick-friendly cat named Tom. So this year I decided to do a photo essay about the food I missed out last year.

1st Raya Morning: Food before Semayang Raya, consisting of nasi himpit, lemang, rendang and laksa. I had the laksa. Yummy. All home made by the way. Not by me though coz I arrived the night before Raya. Fashionably late and not wanting to slave away in the kitchen while fasting...

This is what we served to the people visiting. Other than the morning food, there's also Soto, which I am proud to say I helped made. The kuah anyway.

The first house we went to after visiting our ancestors' grave site. Lotsa food but this caught my eye. Nasi Himpit Kuah Kacang. Very creamy and yummy.

My plate of Nasi Himpit Kuah Kacang

2nd House. Again, plenty of food but only two caught my eye. Not exactly the traditional raya cuisines.

It's Spinach Rinds (Kerepek Bayam). They dipped the leaves in batter and deep-fry em. Nice and crunchy.

Now, this one baffles me as I have not seen nor tasted it before. My great aunt explained that this delicacy was made from coconut and sticky rice (kelapa parut dan beras pulut). She also mentioned the name several times but I did not quite get it and thus had completely forgotten it.

Lemang is a traditional Raya food, made with beras pulut and coconut milk. But rendang that normally accompanies the lemang is anything but traditional. Venison rendang. Very delicious.
This is Gulai Tempoyak Daging. Not sure whether it was beef or venison but no one seemed to care. Normally eaten with rice, we had it with the lemang.

The third serving... :)
Raya and the trip to grandma's may not be that special anymore but the food found there is still great. Can hardly ever find it in KL...


GraFiQuE said...

The unamed kueh.. erm... here, in swk call them kueh rangin, as though it somewhat dence in weight, yet very light in the mouth.. eheheh...

GraFiQuE said...

arghhh so many food! Aren't ur family will irks with your habit snapping around 24hours non-stop in front of the food? eheheh get the idea la!

The Wan And Only said...

Wah, first visitor... :)

It's not quite unnamed, more like did not remember the name...

Raya what... so many houses we went to, of course so many food... my sis was the only one who said anything, everybody else did not care... :P

abah said...

uh! uh! nak kerepek bayammmm. Cam sedap!!! Tasted before but coudn't remember the flavour! TT-TT



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