Monday, March 2, 2009

Food: Satay

Last month, my family was in town coz my uncle was admitted to HKL. After coming back from the hospital, everybody was hungry so I suggested this restaurant ...

Satay @ Restoran Mulia AKA Pulau, which is in front of the Celcom Building, facing Jalan Tun Razak.

They haven't had it yet. They only know Satay Kajang so I thought they oughta have a taste of something right in KL...

Nice plump satay

Kuah kacang and sambal...

Nasi impit
But they also decided to order other food... for me, the satay is enough... apparently they did not know the size of the satay meat is quite huge... see? size does matter... hehehehe
My dad's Lamb Chop

The kids ordered Chicken Chop



They enjoyed the food and as predicted, we ended up tapau-ing the satay and chopping it up and re-fry it with some rice the next day...


toughcookie said...

man... fyi, it's been ages since i had my last satay. i used to frequent to syed in kelana jaya as they make their satays similar to satay kajang - so plump, delicious and more importantly, i especially love their fresh 'menyengat hidung' onions.

dang... looking at your pictures made me want to have satay tonight. hehe ;P

The Wan And Only said...

Mission accomplished then... hehehe



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