Thursday, February 26, 2009

Food: Intai2

Gua and I went to Intai2 after work one night. It's off of the MRR2... quite nicely hidden behind some shops at the side of MRR2...

Seems like there's still some construction being done there. It was quite dark so my camera phone really can't capture anything much. The restaurant is like a floating restaurant but not really. Some dining areas are built over a pond.

The restaurant is U-shaped, with a pond in the middle. Quite nice and romantic for a date. Hehhehe...

The sign at the gate

Nasi Goreng Thai

Nasi Goreng Special (I think)...

The presentation was superb. The food was not bad. Quite nice. My Nasi Goreng Thai had a fancy Thai name but I forgot what it was. Fried with Belacan or Udang Kering... nice with the ulams on the side...

Venue: Intai-Intai

Cost: RM40
Foodie: Gua

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