Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Food: Nando's

I work every Sunday from 11am to 7pm producing news. Recently, the company hired a girl trainee. She's eager to learn the ropes and had asked me to train her in producing news and teach her how to use the softwares and what the in-house style etc.

So she tags along almost every Sunday. But since trainee salary is quite small, I decided to treat her for dinner, since she was doing half my work anyways.

After work, we went to KLCC. I was jonesing for some Nando's action, especially the rice. Yummy rice. Since she's not been to Nando's, twas perfect.

The trainee with her quarter chicken meal

My half chicken (yep, I was hungry) meal with
the delicious rice and nice potato salad

A nice surprise... Free dessert with the half chicken meal...
Mango jelly with whipped cream and chocolate fudge
Venue: Nando's KLCC
Cost: RM45
Foodie: Trainee


indah said...

wow!! very lucky trainee tu kan huhu bukan senang nak jumpe senior yg bek mcm u... nak blnje trainee kat tmpt yg org kate leh thn la kan...anyway, she supposed to be thankful...

The Wan And Only said...

yes, very the lucky... :)

Din said...

biasanya trainee kene buli je... :p

The Wan And Only said...

pernah jadik trainee dulu... boss baik sgt and dia pesan suh layan trainee under kiter nanti baik sbb tak baik layan org jahat2, nanti karma... gitu...



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