Thursday, March 5, 2009

Food: California Pizza Kitchen

One fine day, me and a colleague went to KLCC for lunch. We were stumped as to where to dine so it falls to me and I suggested this restaurant since I haven't been there. My colleague also haven't been so we both agreed to go there.

The interior

I ordered iced lemon tea

My entree... Portobello Mushroom Ravioli

The Works Pizza

Marsala Marinara with Chicken Pasta

Key Lime Pie for Dessert
I've always wanted to try Ravioli but never had the opportunity. So I jumped on the chance to have a taste. It's quite nice and creamy but it definitely was not enough... lucky we ordered the pizza. The Works means it has everything on it... well, all kinds of deli meat anyways... which was good too, especially since they use a wood-burning oven...
Pizza is better cooked with wood-burning oven

Did not have a taste of the Marsala Marinara because of the alcohol content. My colleague says next time he'll order the virgin menu so that I could taste...
The key lime pie was creamy heaven, although since I already had the creamy ravioli, it was a bit much... but still nice... I haven't had key lime pie before and yes, jumped at the chance to try...
California Pizza Kitchen is quite pricey but the food is good...

Venue: California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC
Cost: RM 151.80
Foodie: Fahmi

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