Thursday, December 18, 2008

Food: Carlos

Went to Pavilion with colleagues. One of them wanted to shop for cute tops. I checked out the book store while she shopped.

After the shopping, it was time for dinner. After much deliberation, we decided to go to Carlos. Mostly because of the oyster. During Ramadan, me and her went to Paya Serai at PJ Hilton and feasted on buffet food courtesy of Northport. :)

We also got to feast on fresh oysters and we've been jonesing for oysters ever since.

RM2 per shell is pretty cheap eh?

The menu

I ordered the chili con carne

Grilled potato skin

Chicken Wings (oopsy, that's not my alcoholic beverage...)

Smoked salmon salad
Ayu Roslan with her oysters

My oyster plate

The chili con carne was quite excellent. I loved it, except for the fact the cheese was not melted thoroughly. Still chunks of it in the chili.

The grilled potato skins are nice, but they crumble though. The smoked salmon was succulent too. In case you're wondering, I did not order everything. I tasted my colleagues' dishes.
The oysters are great. We ended up ordering close to twenty shells. Methinks Gout-Town is the nearest pit stop...
Anyways, the best chili I've had so far is at Carlos. Second best, Carl's Jr. Third is Chili's. Ironic that Chili's would place third when its name is the food itself...

Venue: Carlos, Pavilion
Cost: Rm150
Foodie: Ayu Roslan, Fahmi


jerry maguire, jr. said...

whoaaa.. food, again!

Sankai said...

oysters... hmm.. great aphrodisiac !


The Wan And Only said...

Shah, My blog is about food and entertainment... so there'll be plenty of food posts...

Sankai, hmm, seems like you're adopting to someone's style now...

Sankai said...

yeah.. am very adaptive. :) (rather slow, i think..) But what the heck.

Owh yeah..

Wow! You're so rich! aahah


The Wan And Only said...

How u know I did not use my media connections to get me all those food for free?

Ur richer than anyone I know... rich with love... and stop copying other people's statements, find ur own identity... :P



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