Saturday, December 6, 2008

Food: Syetz Li & Quans

Traffic was quite bad last Saturday, with the rain and the school holiday and all... so it was decided that we would have dinner in and around Ampang.

Panzer and I were on the hunt for some discounts and sales. Apparently there were 23 warehouse sales last Saturday. We went MO Outlet, Queens Park and Kelab Darul Ehsan.

The one at Kelab Darul Ehsan was the Timberland Warehouse Sale. Shoes were priced at Rm149 and Rm199 and apparels were at Rm49. I think. Did not really get around to checking out the apparels. I bought two pairs of shoes. One pair was smart casual, for work or for outings with friends. The other was more sporty for activities like treasure hunts and stuff.

Anyways, back to food. As I was saying, traffic was a female dog and we stopped by Great Eastern Mall to have dinner. Can swing by Cold Storage even. It's been a while since I had food at Cozy House anyway. Or is it Cozy Corner. Wait, is Corner the one in Ampang Park? I forget...

Anywho, Cozy was full so we went for this small kopitiam-like eatery called Syetz Li. At least I think that's the name of the place. I am so unfocused these days. Too much going on at work. Sigh. It's the one next to Chicken Rice Shop...

Dish of the Day - Spaghetti Bolognaise (Panzer's)

Assam Laksa

Half Boiled Eggs

The Bolognaise was nice but nothing too special or too significant about it. Assam Laksa was nice, spicy enough for my liking.

Then after the meal, we headed for Cold Storage for a bit of grocery shopping. I bought some deli meats to make sandwiches for Sunday's shift at the office. Cafe at work closes on Sundays. After the shopping, we were in the mood for dessert so we headed to...

in Desa Pandan...

Ice Cream Latte

Blueberry Iced Tea One Liter (obviously mine)

Chocolate Fudge Sundae

Fried Crabsticks

Quans has nice desserts and did you see the one liter iced teas?? They're delish!! Especially Strawberry and Red Plum teas. Sometimes you get actual strawberries in your tea... :)

I heard they make their own ice cream. The chocolate ice cream has crunchy chocolate chips in it!! And the fudge is divine... I order Choc Fudge Sundae every time I come to Quans.

Venue 1: Syetz Li
Cost: RM24

Venue 2: Quans Coffee and Ice Cream
Cost: RM25
Foodie: Panzer

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