Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Food/Movie: Rasa/Twilight

I know it's been at least a couple of weeks since Twilight came out but I have been extremely busy and only now got the time to dish it all out.

I was quite intrigued to go see the movie because I have this fascination with all things supernatural. A love story between a human and a vampire is so Buffy and Angel. So I decided to go. I asked around and got a couple of friends to come with.

Unfortunately, they did not like the movie. Of course. They were expecting some supernatural thrills and fights and stuff. Luckily for me, I had familiarize myself with the story and did not get caught up in the marketing crap. Honestly, sometimes those publicity machines would lie to get you to go see a movie.

Some sappy love story became an action-packed supernatural fest. A drama is said to be a horror movie. Come on! Promote the movie as it is lar...

Anyways, back to Twilight. It's a story about Bella (Kristen Stewart) who moved to a sleepy town and meets Edward (Robert Pattinson) and fell for him hard. Unfortunately, she doesn't know that he is a vampire. Soooooo Buffy/Angel, 'cept Buffy could kick Angel's ass and kill Angel without messing up her hair or dress.

Some people complained the lack of vampiric lore necessities such as fangs, the fact that the vamps don't get burned from the sun's rays etc.

Every author has created their own world and laws. Much like JK Rowling did with Harry Potter or Joss Whedon with Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Bram Stoker with Dracula. Stephanie Meyers set her own vampiric rules here. It was a turn off at first but I realized that this is Twilight world and in Twilight world, the vamps are different.

Anyway, the action starts quite late in the story. Okay, maybe 'action' is too big a word to describe it. It's a teenage love story for sobbing out loud. So the focus will be on the two leads' sappy and weird courtship.

So it's a different take on vamp lore. Doesn't make it bad. The scenery was breathtaking. Great cinematography.

Robert Pattinson is mostly famous for dying in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire while Kristen Stewart has been in a lot of movies. Most notable are in Panic Room as Jodie Foster's diabetic kid, in The Messengers and in Zathura. She made the story quite okay.

If the huge numbers are any indication, we'll see the new generation Buffy and Angel pretty soon. I think this time there will be werewolves involved. Sigh. Hopefully Bella would gain some common sense and start to learn self defense or something...

Now, on to food... before the movie, we went to Rasa Foodcourt at KLCC, on the fourth floor. I think. Same level as Kinokinuya.

Gua made a beeline for the stalls while I sat and waited at the table. Then I saw this...

Ooh, heavenly. I already had dinner in the office courtesy of a colleague (unplanned) so I did not wanna have anything heavy. Waffles seemed like the perfect snack. As soon as Gua came back with his meal, I rushed over to the waffle section.
Gua's food. Yup, his. All his. And he said I was the one gaining weight. Sigh.

The waffle menu..

Ice cream

Then I saw this sign...

I ordered the pancakes instead. There was a special for pancakes with hazelnut cream. God, my mouth just salivated when I typed that sentence.

My waffles on the burner

The finished product with ice cream + Orange/Milk Frappe

I loved the pancake. Light and airy and not too milky. Yummy. Unfortunately, the hazelnut cream was a bit on the hastily made side. You can still feel the sugar granules in the cream. Unless that's how they made it. Too sweet. Not hazelnutty enough. But the pancakes itself + maple syrup and ice cream was heavenly already.

Venue: Rasa Food Court, KLCC
Cost: RM15
Foodie: Gua, Panzer


jerry maguire, jr. said...

watched dat one as well - unfortunately - it aint my cup of tea.. kinda weird, darn slow. i am not sure wat the whole plot is all about. BM and Shah ended up yawnin all the time and i was like - *wat the fcuk..* most of the time..

but then - ur enjoyin it. i gez dats all dat matters.

The Wan And Only said...

'Enjoy' might be a strong word. It was quite slow paced but I did not hate the movie...

Anton said...

Next instalment does involve werewolves...dun know if there will be any continuation from this movie neway.
No, I dun read the novel as well....way too much vampiric story got stuffed in my head for the time being.
Meself and Boo enjoyed it....yes he thinks Edward is delicious (sucks...lol)



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