Monday, November 10, 2008

Food: O'Briens

Last Friday, we went to KLCC. I needed to buy magazines... hmm, I was the only one with an actual need other than wanting lunch.

So we fought over the venue and in the end we settled with O'Briens. Twas a sandwich place, quite expensive but I guess it was okay since one of the colleagues is leaving and we won't get to do the lunch outing anymore. But to be honest, I am a Subway guy at heart.

Undoubtedly fancier than Subway

Pastries on display

My choice of beverage. Esprit Raspberry. Am a sucker for raspberries.

My sandwich. Smoked salmon.

Fahmi's. Chicken and guacamole.

Belle's. Triple Decker.

Belle chose the chips even though we get chips with the sandwich.

All in all, it was a good experience. We traded our sandwiches so we could taste each other's sandwiches. I like mine the best, followed by the guacamole and then only the Triple Decker.
I love salmon, smoked or fresh. Salmon is the only fish I could eat raw (sushi) wihout my gagging reflex kicking in. O'Briens' smoked salmon was subtle and not fishy as most people would have thought.
Guacamole is something I like also. It's like a rare delicacy but not actually rare. :)
The Triple Decker was messy. There was crispy chicken in it, some other deli meat and coleslaw. Coleslaw in a sandwich? One thought. Messy. It did not make the experience nice although the sandwich itself is nice.
Venue: O'Briens, KLCC
Cost: Average Rm13 per sandwich.
Foodie: Belle, Fahmi

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