Thursday, November 13, 2008

Food: Old Town Kopitiam

This is a sad week for me. One of my colleagues will be leaving the company. We had gotten quite close lately. When she told me the news, I almost cried. As a matter of fact, I am tearing up right now. What? I am only human. Every time I get teary eyed or felt the void that's gonna be there when she leaves, I say mean things to her. Yes, it's crappy but it's my only defense mechanism. What does she have to leave?? Sigh...

Anyways, we went to Old Town Kopitiam at Yap Kwan Seng the other day, even though she was supposed to be lunching it with our boss. Either the boss forgot about the lunch date or she did not mean it when she said she'd take out my friend for a farewell lunch. Sigh...

This is her, holding an Old Town Kopitiam Menu

She ordered the Lime Juice while I ordered the Orange Juice
I had lunch already so I ordered the half-cooked egg on toast

She hadn't had lunch so she ordered laksa

And a basket of curry puffs

My Turkey Ham Sandwich

Vanilla Ice Cream + Blueberry Topping

The laksa was quite good. I mistakenly mark the egg on toast. I only wanted eggs. That's why I had two bread dishes. The sandwich was okay, a bit grainy. The dessert was excellent. :)

Venue: Old Town Kopitiam, Yap Kwan Seng
Cost: RM40
Foodie: Belle (one final time...)

"Why you wanna take my half-eaten currypuff?"

Bye Belle, you will be missed.... good luck with the new career and the dieting... hehehehe....


Anonymous said...

sometime, we can endure things when we have someone either loved ones or friends... even in work places, friends can be a great deal of help or accompany, we cherished the moment spend together. I could understand the feeling of losing one of those people but we still need to learn how to move on... not everyday is sugar!

The Wan And Only said...

I can say that none of my days are sugar... not even artificial sweetener... huhuhuh



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