Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Food: Chinese Style Seafood

Monday was hectic. Immediately after work, Gua came and picked me up and brought me to Desa Pandan for Nasi Lemak. He claimed it was the best in the world. We'll see... :)

I liked it but to me, nasi lemak is nasi lemak. It's all the same. The lauk makes it special or different. The rendang was quite nice. But the service was a turn-off. The lady serving us was kinda rude. Not only did she have this holier-than-thou face, she never bothered to acknowledge your presence or your order. If you ask for extra rice, she'd go about her business as though she hadn't heard it. I sometimes speak softly and swallow my words, so I would've assumed she did not hear me and would've told her again and again, which would then aggravate a body... But since I had seen how she acted with Gua's order, I know she heard me. And don't even get me started at how slow her service was. She did not care if people are lining up like it the 31st of the month and it was at Baskin Robbins, she'd go about her business slowly. A snail would have died of a heart attack waiting for her. Sigh.

Venue: Desa Pandan, the sidewalk near traffic light, across from petrol station
Cost: RM6 each
Foodie: Gua

Sorry for the bile. Anyways, after the very early dinner, we went for karaoke because the bowling practice (yup, still practicing with Zaf's husband) would only start after 10pm and it was barely 7pm.

Yes, yes, a bit addicted. This time I purposely chose difficult songs that would require straining of the vocal cords AKA 90's slow rock kapak. Hehehhe. But of course, I couldn't really pull it off that well. Buat malu jer kat Gua... and then there's the whole echo thing going in the room. Crap.

Then, Gua's frens showed up. Admittedly I have hung out with them before but I am not that close to them so I had issues singing in front of them. Luckily I've sung the difficult songs before and all that's left are the easier songs. Nak tak nak, kena nyanyi jugak la... Gua sang mostly nasyid songs, heheheehe. Takut tau....

After the embarassing karaoke hour, we headed to Times Square for bowling. Gua's worked with Zaf before when she was Erra's PA so it was not a problem to mingle.

Unfortunately, she was a bit late so we played a couple of games first. Then we played two games with her. Then, we played two more games when her hubby arrived. Total: 6 games. Gua's so good that he beat me. Everybody can beat me at bowling...

After the strenuous game, we got hungry and decided to go eat something. Zaf's hubby suggested we go for seafood. Behind Lot 10. Zaf's told me about this place but we've never gone there... Aidil went ahead and ordered everything for us since we've never been there...

Zaf's husband, Aidil AKA Anuar Zain (according to Simon)

Chinese Fried Rice
Lala (spicy gravy)

Curried Shrimp

Mussels (taucu I think)

The food was nice and hot. We dug in quickly. It was a messy affair but I guess seafood is always messy.

Gua's leftover



Venue: Chinese Food Court, Somewhere behind Lot 10
Cost: RM90 (seafood) + Rm10 (fried rice) + RM10 (drinks)
Foodie: Gua, Zafirah Najmi, Aidil

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