Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Food: Waroeng Penyet

During the break for MFA Bowling Tournament at Cineleisure, me and colleagues couldn't decide what to eat. I wanted to try Paddington House of Pancakes. One colleague wanted Kenny Rogers. One couldn't decide and the other one just wanted to follow the lead.

I told them we don't have to eat at the same place and we could go off on our own and meet back up at the bowling alley.

I remembered Waroeng Penyet at The Curve so I wanted to go there. They all wanted to follow. *shrugs*

The front of the store

Menu displayed at the side glass wall

I ordered the Soda Gembira, which is Sirap Bandung with Ice Cream Soda
Beef Soup

Forgot the name... similar to rojak...

Ayam penyet...

which we all ordered...

I've only been to one other 'Penyet' restaurant. The one in Taman Dagang called Wong Solo.
I think the food is slightly better at Waroeng but Wong Solo has a better ambience...

The aftermath...

Venue: Waroeng Penyet, The Curve
Cost: RM60
Foodie: Indah, Matthew, Ibnu

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