Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tony Roma's Lunch

Tony Roma's. Yes, dah banyak kali pegi. Still best. Heheheh... this one's during lunch time... Tony Roma's has lunch sets...

which includes Soup of the Day

Bread with Garlic Butter ni mmg free with every meal...

Loaded Potato Skin - not included with the set
(colleague gilakan sgt... order gak walaupun dah order lunch set)

His Pasta Alfredo

My Sirloin Cheddar Sandwich (diet katanya, tp bagak tak sandwich tu)

Tak mampu nak abiskan... Huhuhu
The pasta alfredo set is RM29.90 while the sandwich set is RM23.90. Did I mention the set came with refillable drinks? Totally worth it right?

They also have this offer now... 13-inch rib platter +
loaded baked potato + coleslaw for RM99... Anyone?

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